February's PLUG Metting / shoot out...

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Thu Jan 12 11:06:18 MST 2006

Unless Jayce^ finds a better presenter / topic-- it looks like Stewart & 
I are going to have a shoot out over LaTeX & ConTeXt in February.

In addition to the standard jabs between using emacs and Stewart NOT 
using emacs-- the following will probably be covered:

**TeX -- it's origins w/ Donald Knuth and his ``Art of Computer 
Programming'' tomb.

**Why the rest of us mere mortals prefer to use mark-up/macro packages 
to wrap around TeX

**Basics of LaTeX [along w/ some templates for some basic stuff you 
might find usefull]

**Things that make LaTeX cool to use [like -- why it can be easier to 
use LaTeX (instead of a WYSIWYG word processor) if you're writing a 
technical paper that is more than 5-10 pages or so].

**What LaTeX sucks at -- basically the things you probably won't want to 
do with LaTeX.

**Stuff that ConTeXt is great at -- where it takes over when LaTeX sucks.

**overview of building document templates/styles in ConTeXt [someting 
mere mortals can't do in LaTeX]

**how to make your LaTeX docs NOT look like canned/standard LaTeX docs.

**Why font's are such a Bitch to work with in any kind of TeX!!!!!  I 
know Stew has wrestled this some [and I hope to put a little more time 
into this area before the february meeting].

If this sounds like a decent presentation -- or if there's something in 
particular you would like to have included in the presentation-- sound 

Justin Gedge

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