Mail Server Migration

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at
Wed Jan 11 13:07:52 MST 2006

> You may want to take a look at zimbra at It
> on top of postfix and comes with spam filter and virus scanning
> capabilities. It also has some pretty user friendly administration
> cababilites to add virtual domains, manage users etc.

When I was working at, the Zimbra guys came and gave us
a demo of the alpha version of the product.  The ajax webmail client was
pretty slick, but they were still working out performance issues with it
at the time, and several chunks were not ready enough to even demo.
It's more meant as an Exchange replacement, so it might be overkill for
anyone who doesn't manage that much email.  It also requires a dedicated
server and can't run with any other web server or database running on
the machine (according to the documentation on their site).  So, if
you're like me and only have one server to run everything (I can't
afford more than one for personal projects), it's useless.

I found some docs a while back about installing postfix with a database
backend and integrating spam filters and what-not.  Seemed pretty
straightforward, but I couldn't take down the existing email server for
any amount of time to try it out, so I kept relegating it to the
backburner.  I just googled around a bit and found it, though, so you
should be able to find something relatively easily.


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