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Matthew Walker matt at
Wed Jan 11 11:08:23 MST 2006

For several years, I've been using a qmail/courier-imap toaster, but I'm 
getting tired of some of the weaknesses of the system, and am looking at 
migrating to another setup. I've heard nothing but good about Postfix, so I'm 
looking at that route right now.

I have a few questions.

1. I use vpopmail to host all my email domains as virtual domains, so that I 
haven't created local users for every email user. What is the best solution 
in postfix for this? I would really like to stay with virtual domains, 
preferably hosting the user/domain info in MySQL like I am now.

2. Is there a good guide on migrating from qmail to postfix? If so, where is 
it? If not, can anyone give me some good advice.

3. Am I totally off base? Is there an end-all mailserver out there that I 
haven't heard of that would be the best choice? I don't deal with high 
volumes, but I need something that won't fail regularly, and that is simple 
to configure.

My primary problem with my qmail toaster is the difficulity of fitting a good 
spam filtering solution into it. I tried to do dspam, but due to qmail's 
accept-everything policy, the corpus got huge within hours. I've tried 
spamassassin, and while it catches most spam, I don't trust it enough to have 
it quarantine mail.
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