Linux and GPS

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Mon Jan 9 21:25:24 MST 2006


> I'm thinking about buying a GPS receiver and want to make sure that I
> get something that will work well with Linux.

If you are getting a standalone gps, don't settle for anything less than
a bluetooth model using sirf-3. These work great in linux. You just need
to be prepared for one of the worst user interfaces ever to see the
light of day. I'm talking about gpsdrive.

My new i.trek m3 combines a sirf-3 chipset with an excellent antenna and
a massive battery. It is able to hold a fix even in some buildings. I
left it logging as I walked into walmart out of curiosity. You should
see the tracks I made walking around in the store. You can even make out
the aisles and where I walked around the electronics department.


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