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Jared Bellows plug at
Sun Jan 8 22:13:28 MST 2006

Does the original GIF have black in it? GIF images use I believe a palette
of 256 colors which varies from GIF to GIF. I think that GIMP will just try
to match the black to the closest color in the palette. Not sure though.
Someone with more knowledge of GIF might be able to answer this question


On 1/8/06, Charles Curley <charlescurley at> wrote:
> I have a GIF image I'd like to add text to. I open the image, I set up
> the text tool as I want it. This includes black for the foreground
> color. I go to the image, and click on a location, and start
> typing. The color of the text is only slightly darker than the
> original image color, and certainly is not black. What am I doing
> wrong?
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