Damian was great, but come on now...

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 02:04:28 MST 2006

Ok I was showing off the plug.org site at work to someone interested
in converting to Linux.

He made mention of the fact that it looks like Damian came and went a
long time ago.
He was curious to know if the community was alive around here or if
the site is abandoned.  I told him no, in fact it's very vibrant and
alive, especially considering how most LUGs have gone away.

We also have some ads that are running a bit stale such as the Open
Source Convention.

Just curious to know if there are any plans to update the news and
info section on the front page of plug.org any time soon.  Or is it
just that nothing is new and noteworthy lately?


p.s. Please don't take this as a gripe, It's just honest curiosity.

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