Disk space

Erich Pletsch erich at uvnet.net
Thu Jan 5 18:09:09 MST 2006


I have a few (3 or 4) spare 9 GB SCSI drives.  They're very small but 
you're welcome to them if you want them.  I have a raid controller for 
them too.

I'd also be happy to have you put your whole system on one of our 
virtual dedicated servers at no cost.  We host us3.php.net on a similar 
server and have enjoyed our association with them.  Jared Smith will 
vouch for our reliability.


Hans Fugal wrote:

>We're pretty much out of it.
>If you'd like to contribute a SCSI or IDE hard drive to support your
>PLUG habit, and of all of us, please drop a line to jayce at plug.org and
>CC me if you feel like it.
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