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Amazon.com is sending our hiring managers from our Amazon Business Intelligence and Buying Tools teams to interview candidates in Salt Lake City in January for Seattle-based opportunities.


Did you know that Amazon.com has hundreds of software engineers working on some of the most interesting technical challenges on the planet?


Amazon.com, headquartered in beautiful Seattle, is looking for exceptional software engineers to join its growing technology organization. Our engineering team works on tough technical problems that engage and stretch their brains. As an engineer here, you might build cutting edge product recommendation algorithms, scale and optimize our world class supply chain systems, or architect and build an end-to-end e-commerce platform that companies like Target and Toys R Us use to run their online businesses. You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a small cross-functional team. You'll join a scientific culture focused on achieving aggressive goals. And, you'll work on creating a world-class customer experience for the millions of people who use Amazon.com.


Work with the largest, most prominent Oracle data warehouse in the world. Join the Amazon Business Intelligence development team and work on the leading edge of data warehousing technology. The Amazon BI team creates, supports and maintains the data warehouse platform software used by analytical groups across all Amazon's businesses both domestic and international. Within the data warehouse community, the Amazon BI development team represents an elite squad dedicated to pushing the technology and boundaries farther than any other company. Our operating plans focus on delivering timely and actionable information to the business who utilizes this technology as a competitive advantage in analyzing and understanding consumer behavior, sales trends and unique opportunities within the web community. Our technical platform includes:


*Highly scalable database platform

*Distributed systems for data warehouse operations

*Decision Support and Reporting systems

*Highly scalable and performance oriented merchant-facing services


Very few teams offer such a challenging environment and a chance to impact nearly every aspect of Amazon's business and operations. 


The Buying Tools team is responsible for building tools to support amazon's internal buyers in managing amazon's inventory, setting pricing and merchandizing. We work closely with amazon's supply chain and fulfillment center teams to optimize costs for fulfilling customer orders. The software that we are developing is vertically integrated, touching Amazon's data warehouse, oracle databases, c++ service layer, and java and other web development technologies.


If you're interested in interviewing with either team while we're in Salt Lake City, please submit your resume, and a cover letter. 



Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History. 

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