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Mister E Mister.Ed at
Wed Jan 4 16:12:43 MST 2006

Tyler Strickland wrote:
> After looking at most of the blog and wiki software out there, I chose 
> MediaWiki for my wiki and WordPress for my blog.  I like each in its own 
> realm - a wiki for organized storage of linked data; a blog for, well, a 
> blog.  To my knowledge, both allow you to setup user restrictions for 
> posting and editing content.  Both run with a MySQL backend for data 
> storage.  Both can be customized fairly easily.
> For a FAQ, I would probably recommend a wiki, myself, since you're going 
> to have much more freedom in your page layout and formatting than with a 
> blog.  Most blog software just wouldn't be able to handle the 
> organizational requirements most FAQ's require.
  Thanks for the advice.  I have installed wordpress and serendipity 
blog wise and like both of those.  MediaWiki looks great. I just need to 
get the syntax down and also the normal process of finding the layout 
files.  Looks like it's going to do the trick fer me  ... errr, I mean 
for me ... on this particular project.

Thanks to those folks that made recommendations... mucho appreciated


Mister Ed

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