OT: Zaurus and extras for sale

Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at beatties.us
Wed Jan 4 15:54:45 MST 2006

I have a Zaurus 5500 that I need to sell soon.  It's still in very good
condition.  I also have a bunch of things I use with it that I won't
have a need for either without it.

The only thing not in near or perfect condition is the battery, since
they do wear down over time.  The battery still works great for my daily
use but it's not perfect.  A brand new battery is $14.99 at
if you want all the time possible, or a spare, which at that price isn't
bad for a replacement battery.

There's no screen scratches or any problems at all, it's been a great
toy but I need the money more than it right now.  I'm the first and only
owner of it.

Zaurus 5500 (Currently has Opie, but I can reflash it if desired)
128MB CF Card (Used for reflashing mostly)
256MB SD Card (Most add on apps are stored to this right now)
Symbol & Socket wifi CF card
Leather Case
Cradle for charging and USB syncing
Power chord/charger

I'll take the best offer and I can make a delivery anywhere from SLC to
Provo.  They're running for about $150 on ebay.


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