Wiki recommendations

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Tue Jan 3 17:20:34 MST 2006

Howdy all,

Does anyone have recommendations on a wiki (or blog) program that would 
work well as a manual/FAQ reference guide where several users can create 

I looking to possibly use a wiki as another reference guide to help 
folks use our cart.  I am looking for advice from personal use, 
preferrably, and why the recommended option is better over another one I 
might look at.  Preferrably Open Source as well.

I've also considered a blog or two that allows selected users to post, 
which appeals to me as well.  Wikis can be link spammed and/or 
information altered by any visitor, which is not really ideal when 
dealing with the public at large.


Mister Ed

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