OT - Re: The Scriptures on Linux

Mariano MARINI mariano.marini at email.it
Tue Jan 3 06:41:03 MST 2006

Il giorno lun, 02/01/2006 alle 23.25 -0700, Michael Torrie ha scritto:
> I've been to Vicenza several times.  My cousins (Dave and Ellen 
> Eldredge) work for the US military and go to the Italian-speaking branch 
> there.  In fact I've been to the branch a couple of times.  Perhaps I 
> have even met you.  I rec all talking to someone in the branch who was 
> into Linux.  Was that you?
I think so! Not only because I speak anytime of it but because I'm the
sole daily user of it.

Nice to meet you here!


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