Alternative Editors (was Re: Debian vim weirdness)

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Feb 27 06:13:58 MST 2006

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006, Alex Esplin wrote:

> was every bit as productive as I had been with notepad.  Then,
> everytime I felt like there was a faster way of doing something I
> wanted to do, I looked it up in my notes from Hans Fugal's vim
> presentation (these include macros, marks, folding, and other such
> things).  I would say now that I probaby know a dozen-ish commands
> (maybe 20 plus or minus) and I'm quite comfortable with vim/gvim.
> --
> Alex Esplin

I would love to attend a "vim presentation" if it happens again.  I have my vim 
cheat sheets hanging on my wall next to my computer at home and at work, but 
there is still so much I do not know and would love to learn from a pro.


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