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>Why is there a router between the firewall (smoothwall) and the
>outside world? Your firewall should be multi-homed (multiple Ethernet
>cards), and the outside world connection go directly to the broadband
>(utopia) box. What do you need the router for?

The router has my static IP and xmission uses the mac address for
authentication there are actually two firewalls after that. One goes to my
internal network which has three nics (one is DMZ with my web/mail server).
The other goes to a wireless network for some of my neighbors internet. The
is no nat going on between the router and firewalls.

>I take it the internal network consists of the 6 computers and a hub
>or switch, and the firewall also connects to the hub or switch. I also
>take it that the hub or switch does no routing, that all 7 machines
>are on the same network (e.g.


>You don't say whether you are addressing the various boxes by host
>name or IP address. If the former, you could have a domain name
>resolution problem, so try it by IP address. If that works and host
>name lookup still fails, you have a domain name resolution problem.

I ping by IP, the smoothwall box has a static IP and the linux boxes can't
ping it by IP but the windows boxes can.
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