Solid DNS servers

Marc Christensen marc at
Fri Feb 24 07:11:49 MST 2006

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> I keep a list of good DNS servers but I haven't updated them for a while
> (OK, years).  Now that I'm having trouble with my ISP's servers, I'm
> finding out that the list is full of name servers that are weak, slow or
> dead.  Do you all have name servers in the area that you like to use?
> How about sharing?
> Thanks,
> Gabe

I set up my own DNS server and have it use the ISP's DNS servers only as 
forwarders.  All my other machines only know about my DNS server.  If 
they do know about the ISP's servers, they are second or third in the 
/etc/resolve.conf.  This setup works very well as it doesn't really 
matter if the ISP's DNS servers are working - mine just continues to 
look up the DNS stuff on it's own.

Marc Christensen

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