Utopia woes

Carl Youngblood carl at youngbloods.org
Thu Feb 23 12:47:36 MST 2006

I'm laughing now that I've figured it out.  I had traffic shaping set up on
the firewall to what our old connection was.  When I turned that off it sped
right up!  Thanks for the help.  It was actually your suggestion that
triggered my memory.

On 2/23/06, Matthew Walker <matt at thebraingarden.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 23 February 2006 12:11, Carl Youngblood wrote:
> > My office just got a Utopia connection.  We're using a great linux
> distro
> > called ipcop to handle our firewall/vpn needs.  For some weird reason
> the
> > hardware that utopia installed does not like our firewall.  When we hook
> > laptops directly up to the connection we get 15 Mbps, but when we hook
> up
> > the firewall we get about 1Mbps.  We tried two different NIC chipsets
> > (Realtek and SiS) and they both gave us the same problem.  The Utopia
> > technicians are dumb as a post and haven't been able to help us at all.
> > Can any of you recommend some troubleshooting ideas that could help me
> to
> > diagnose the problem?  Since I'm troubleshooting this remotely I
> basically
> > only have ssh access to the firewall so any diagnostics I can run from
> the
> > command line would be best.  Our ping times with Xmission (our Utopia
> > provider) are normal (2-3 ms), but our throughput is abysmal.  mii-diag
> > tells me that both of our active NICs (the one connected to Utopia and
> the
> > one connected to our LAN) are running at 100baseTx full duplex.
> > /sbin/ifconfig says there are no errors or dropped packets on either
> eth0
> > or eth1.  Any other ideas?  I don't have much experience at diagnosing
> > bandwidth problems like this.
> >
> Can the firewall box itself, when not acting like a firewall, get normal
> speeds? What about when it is acting like a firewall? How beefy a box is
> the
> firewall?
> Are any of your iptables rules showing lots of matches?

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