Utopia woes

Carl Youngblood carl at youngbloods.org
Thu Feb 23 12:11:38 MST 2006

My office just got a Utopia connection.  We're using a great linux distro
called ipcop to handle our firewall/vpn needs.  For some weird reason the
hardware that utopia installed does not like our firewall.  When we hook
laptops directly up to the connection we get 15 Mbps, but when we hook up
the firewall we get about 1Mbps.  We tried two different NIC chipsets
(Realtek and SiS) and they both gave us the same problem.  The Utopia
technicians are dumb as a post and haven't been able to help us at all.  Can
any of you recommend some troubleshooting ideas that could help me to
diagnose the problem?  Since I'm troubleshooting this remotely I basically
only have ssh access to the firewall so any diagnostics I can run from the
command line would be best.  Our ping times with Xmission (our Utopia
provider) are normal (2-3 ms), but our throughput is abysmal.  mii-diag
tells me that both of our active NICs (the one connected to Utopia and the
one connected to our LAN) are running at 100baseTx full duplex.
/sbin/ifconfig says there are no errors or dropped packets on either eth0 or
eth1.  Any other ideas?  I don't have much experience at diagnosing
bandwidth problems like this.


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