When all you have is a great idea...

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Thu Feb 23 11:36:19 MST 2006

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 19:48 -0700, Scott Pepperdine wrote:
>>I once skimmed the table of contents of a book at the S.F. library 
>>titled, and I paraphrase, "So you have a great idea, Now What?".
> Thanks, I'll check it out (that was bad).
> Gabe

Well just keep pluggin away at the ideas.  What I'd do is keep a 
notebook and record the parameters of the idea along with a date of any 
changes to the idea. Then some day you might be able to use that idear 
or a portion of it for a project at some future point when feasibility 
comes into play.  Even if it's not something you can ever imagine 
funding on your own, it might be something you can collaborate with some 
one with resources you don't have.

As an example, I came up with an idea back in 1992 for a unique type of 
company structure designed to create an environment of innovation, 
cooperation as well as a core group of super productive people. 
However, the 4 companies I owned at the time need a more traditional 
structure, so I shelved the idea for later.  Since that time, a portions 
or alternate versions of the ideas I came up with have been implemented 
by other companies and touted as "innovative", which made me realize 
that maybe the time was right to dig out my notes and that the new set 
of companies I now own offered the opportunity I needed to implement a 
test of my ideas.  As a result of reading up and looking at what other 
folks had done with portions of my concept, I implemented the concept 
with some minor modifications about 6 months ago on a limited basis as a 
test.  So far it's working but the real test will come as I grow the 

You have a some good sources to work with so far, so I don't doubt you 
will you find a way at some point to make one of them work :)

Mister Ed

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