When all you have is a great idea...

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That's a tough one.  I don't really know but it did remind me of something.
My old man swears he was the first to think of the truck bed liner.  Man it
would have been nice to be a little rich boy :) 

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Dear Abby... er, PLUG,

I'm pretty funny about business ideas.  I try to think of cool new
businesses all day long.  It's something I enjoy doing (I get it from my dad
- ever the entrepreneur).  I can't take a shower or a walk without "working"
on one of them.  While it's yet to make me rich, I do enjoy using the spare
brain cycles.

When all you have is a great idea, where do you go with it?  Do you share it
and risk others taking it?  Should you care, or is that being silly?

Usually, I don't take the ideas too seriously and I share them with others
with the hope they may do something with it.  Anyway, I came up with an idea
this week that really stands out in my mind.  It's an advertising business
that's 90% technology (Open Source) and 10% whatever else.  An advertiser
wouldn't come up with it on his own, but a technologist might.  It is very,
very targeted and I'm betting has a
*very* high "click-through" rate.  I believe it would be *extremely* easy to
sell.  I'm certain it's not currently being done by anyone else.
You can see why I would be excited.

The problems are...
1) Only a med-big company could pull-it-off.
2) A partnership with someone like Google would be needed.
3) It needs to be rolled-out in large cities all at once.
4) Significant upfront hardware cost.

Where does that leave the guy who doesn't even have time to shovel his
walkway but has a killer idea?

What would you do?

Underfunded in S.F.

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