When all you have is a great idea...

Scott Pepperdine spepper at byu.net
Wed Feb 22 19:48:16 MST 2006

I once skimmed the table of contents of a book at the S.F. library 
titled, and I paraphrase, "So you have a great idea, Now What?".  It 
looked like an interesting read and I promised myself I would get back 
to read it.  Alas, it hasn't happened yet.  Several chapters covered 
different funding options, partnering, etc.

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

>Dear Abby... er, PLUG,
>I'm pretty funny about business ideas.  I try to think of cool new
>businesses all day long.  It's something I enjoy doing (I get it from my
>dad - ever the entrepreneur).  I can't take a shower or a walk without
>"working" on one of them.  While it's yet to make me rich, I do enjoy
>using the spare brain cycles.
>When all you have is a great idea, where do you go with it?  Do you
>share it and risk others taking it?  Should you care, or is that being
>Usually, I don't take the ideas too seriously and I share them with
>others with the hope they may do something with it.  Anyway, I came up
>with an idea this week that really stands out in my mind.  It's an
>advertising business that's 90% technology (Open Source) and 10%
>whatever else.  An advertiser wouldn't come up with it on his own, but a
>technologist might.  It is very, very targeted and I'm betting has a
>*very* high "click-through" rate.  I believe it would be *extremely*
>easy to sell.  I'm certain it's not currently being done by anyone else.
>You can see why I would be excited.
>The problems are...
>1) Only a med-big company could pull-it-off.
>2) A partnership with someone like Google would be needed.
>3) It needs to be rolled-out in large cities all at once.
>4) Significant upfront hardware cost.
>Where does that leave the guy who doesn't even have time to shovel his
>walkway but has a killer idea?
>What would you do?
>Underfunded in S.F.
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