[OT] Re: UVLUG presents Pete Ashdown on Open Source, politics andgovernment *PLUS* an installfest!

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at tni.com
Wed Feb 22 16:35:04 MST 2006

> um...
> bush guard national guard forgery...?

Ok, just did a very quick googling about this and unless I'm reading
wrong, all of the forgery accusations were based on the "fact" that no
typewriter available at the time could have written the documents.  But
that "fact" was debunked by many people citing IBM typewriter models
that could easily have been used to create the documents (and they were
typewriters sold primarily to government).  Am I missing something?  Was
there ever definitive evidence that the document were forged?  As I
said, it was a very quick googling.


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