UVLUG presents Pete Ashdown on Open Source, politics and government *PLUS* an installfest!

Richard K Miller richardkmiller at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 13:07:58 MST 2006

On Feb 22, 2006, at 9:20 AM, Roberto Mello wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 08:58:24AM -0700, Richard K Miller wrote:
>> I was going to vote for Urquhart too before he dropped out of the
>> race.  I went to the Saturday meeting with Pete and was really
>> impressed.  I wonder if he's conservative enough to be elected in
>> Utah, but I think he's a good guy with guy ideas. (I took notes on my
>> blog: http://www.richardkmiller.com/blog/archives/2006/02/pete-
>> ashdown-campaigning-for-us-senate)
> In your blog you say:
> "Pete faces an uphill battle in conservative Utah, and I’m not yet  
> sure if
> he's conservative enough for me. (I like his positions on technology,
> science, education, and alternative fuel sources, but I need to learn
> about a few more issues.)"
> In all honesty, I don't understand the distinctions between  
> conservatives
> and liberals that self-professed conservatives and liberals label each
> other with. Every time I've tried to look at them, they seem to be
> artificially placed by the opposing side.
> So, I ask, what makes a person "conservative enough" for you?

As I mentioned, I like Pete Ashdown's ideas on technology, science,  
and alternative energy sources.  I even drank the Kool-aid a bit on  
healthcare when he suggested examining Japan's hybrid model of public  
and private insurance.  That's the "public-est" form of health care  
I've ever considered being in favor of -- definitely a liberal idea.   
I can empathize with a small business owner who has gone to enormous  
expense to insure his employees; I think our healthcare system needs  

But there were other issues on which Pete and I differed.  Two that  
came up were internet pornography and social security.  He's in favor  
of offering porn filtering to consumers who want it, but no  
government involvement.  I, OTOH, think the negative societal effects  
of pornography are big enough that it ought to be treated more like a  
drug. (I.e., the government doesn't let people enjoy cocaine in the  
privacy of their own homes, nor child porn for that matter.)   On  
social security, he seemed apt to keep the program and other  
"entitlements", while I'd be apt to get rid of it or completely  
privatize it.

It's okay if you disagree with my positions on these issues, but the  
point is that if Pete and I disagree on (enough of) these issues,  
then I won't feel comfortable voting for him.  I don't strongly about  
voting for Orrin Hatch either, so I'll have to weigh it out.  And  
Pete comes with the extra baggage of being a junior senator.


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