rackmount hardware question

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Tue Feb 21 14:58:12 MST 2006

While not quite ``100% commodity'' I'd recommend a look at penguine 


Gregory Hill wrote:

>Ok, not exactly linux-related, but I am hopeful that someone on the list
>will know.  I am planning on building a 1U rackmount server with
>commodity-level parts.  I found a case/motherboard combo that works for
>my needs.  It has an nforce 4 motherboard, so I can use any athlon 64
>processor.  The question is, will a stock cpu heatsink/fan fit in a 1U
>case?  Or do I need to look for a specialized one?  Knowing the size of
>the heatsinks on the athlon 64 processors, I would guess that it will
>not fit, but I'd like to know if anyone knows for sure.
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