rackmount hardware question

Peter Howe peter at nuvek.com
Tue Feb 21 11:54:37 MST 2006

Usually not, the AMD processors I have worked with the OEM heat sink/fan
will barley fit in a 2U.  I have seen some bare bone systems that come
with mobo and case with heat sinks for the processors you supply.
  Check out the pictures on this page, it will show the heat sinks that
will work with the case.


On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 11:45, Gregory Hill wrote:
> Ok, not exactly linux-related, but I am hopeful that someone on the list
> will know.  I am planning on building a 1U rackmount server with
> commodity-level parts.  I found a case/motherboard combo that works for
> my needs.  It has an nforce 4 motherboard, so I can use any athlon 64
> processor.  The question is, will a stock cpu heatsink/fan fit in a 1U
> case?  Or do I need to look for a specialized one?  Knowing the size of
> the heatsinks on the athlon 64 processors, I would guess that it will
> not fit, but I'd like to know if anyone knows for sure.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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