Cheap and fast certs.

Derek Carter goozbach at
Sun Feb 19 20:23:34 MST 2006

Carl Youngblood wrote:
> You get what you pay for.  If all you want is encryption, Godaddy certs are
> fine.  But if you look at the fact that even their most expensive cert only
> comes with $1000 of insurance, while and verisign certs come
> with $1,000,000, you can see the difference.  Granted you'll probably never
> use the insurance, but customer confidence is an important issue.  If I were
> running a business that used SSL I would use instantssl for that reason
> alone.  I think their price/value ratio is the best out there.
if all you want is encription then why not roll your own CA?

or google for "create your own CA"

from the emails eariler in this thread it seems that what everybody 
wants is a trusted cert on the cheap, which, from my experiance (and 
depending on your definition of cheap) are mutually exclusive options.

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