A departement moving to Linux...

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Fri Feb 17 15:07:57 MST 2006

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Novel Linux Desktop (NLD) is a version of SUSE distinct from SUSE Linux
> Professional and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It is based on Gnome. I
> have never used it. I have, however, used multiple versions of SLES and
> SL, including the latest.

And the latest version of NLD looks like it's going to be *sweet*. 
We've all seen the insane videos:


I'm sure NDL is the proving ground for the "latest and greatest."  I 
would expect SLES to look a lot like NDL (including a very polished 
GNOME) in a version or two.  But what do I know?


D'oh! Is it *sweet*. or *sweet.* ?  Stuart, please advise!

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