Cheap and fast certs.

Lonnie Olson fungus at
Thu Feb 16 17:29:20 MST 2006

Doran Barton wrote:
> Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
>> I thought I read about cheap, fast certs on the plug within last 
>> month, but I can't seem to find it in the archives.  Do you all have a 
>> place you like to go for them?  These are for personal use, so price 
>> is a factor.  I don't like a lot of hand holding - just a clean site 
>> that gets outa your way and offers low prices.  Recommendations?
> I'm not a big fan of GoDaddy, but they do have some affordable 
> certificates:

Not sure if you care, but part of the reason they are cheap is the 
substandard cert they sell you.  GoDaddy doesn't have access to a Root 
cert, but only a cert signed by a common cert.  They use their cert in 
turn to sign yours.  The only problem this causes is the requirement to 
add their cert as an Intermediate certificate for browsers to work.

Not really a big deal, but it isn't standard.

Thawte sells some fast certs with a real Root CA as low as $99.


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