SIP URI question

C. Ed Felt ed at
Thu Feb 16 13:51:53 MST 2006

Derek wrote:

> I am receiving a call with a Contact: that contains 
> <sip:801XXXXXXX at;tgrp="sometext">
> OpenSer parses this fine and sends it to the correct SIP endpoint.  
> That SIP endpoint, which is not open source, then issues an INVITE to 
> OpenSer and sets the From: header to the origianl Contact: above.  
> OpenSer then complains with this message:
> 6(11704) ERROR: parse_to : unexpected char ["] in status 5: 
> <<<sip:Unknown at;tgrp=>> .
> 6(11704) ERROR:parse_from_header: bad from header
> My question is, is it valid to have ;tgrp="sometext" in the <....> 
> section of a URI, and is it also valid to have a " in a uri.  Reading 
> through the RFC's, it is not listed as reserved so my initial thought 
> is the OpenSer should allow it in the From: header, in the URI.
> Thanks,
>  Derek
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Sorry this info comes so late.  Work has been horribly busy and I've had 
no time to read my user list emails :(.  We (at my VoIP company) have 
been using SER for a few years now and I've seen SIP URIs that look like 
the one you show here.  The ' " ' can be a real pain to deal with in our 
home grown Python based billing system, but we haven't had serious 
issues from it.  I don't know of anything in the SIP RFC that says you 
can't use the ' " ' as well.  In fact we use a Session Border Controller 
that garbles the URI for security reasons, and we can end up with all 
kinds of strange symbols in the alias of the URI (' 
io23-85"72hbn*"@<someIP>'.  So I don't see why OpenSER should complain.  
We are planning to move to OpenSER soon.  I guess I'll have to watch for 
the issue you mentioned here.

-Ed Felt

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