Cheap and fast certs.

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Thu Feb 16 13:49:10 MST 2006

Gregory Hill wrote:
> I am currently using the DNS servers on Server Beach, but if I could
> have the dns and registrar consolidated, it would make life easier and
> allow me to move my hosting around without having to set up DNS again
> each time.

I personally like to keep the two separate so that changing one doesn't 
  somehow mess with the other.  This philosophy goes way back to the 
first time I decided to use my ISP's *free* email addresses.  Being tied 
to an ISP by a widely distributed email address made me stick with this 
ISP for about 6 months longer then I would have otherwise (big jump in 
price when original contract expired).

If you keep your DNS for a *bunch* of domains with your registrar, then 
jumping ship when they start yanking you around gets a lot more 
difficult.  It's not impossible, just harder.  With so many good 
services out there that are cheap or free, I don't see why anyone 
wouldn't just go with one of them.  I second the vote.


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