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Matthew Walker matt at
Thu Feb 16 13:17:26 MST 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 13:01, Gregory Hill wrote:
> Heh, thanks.  I currently lease a server through Server Beach, but I've
> been itching to build my own box and host it at a local rack space
> provider.  I thought Server Beach was a great deal when I got it, but
> after 3 years I'm still paying the same amount for an Athlon XP 2100+
> server, and upgrades are insanely expensive ($30 a month for an extra
> gig of ram, for example).  So, I'd rather be pouring the money into
> upgrading the box and paying a smaller fee for just bandwidth usage.  If
> you offer something like that, contact me off list with specifics.
> I am currently using the DNS servers on Server Beach, but if I could
> have the dns and registrar consolidated, it would make life easier and
> allow me to move my hosting around without having to set up DNS again
> each time.

I know nothing about the usability of the Godaddy DNS system, but it's 
probably pretty good. They make the rest of their stuff very configurable.

As for me hosting you, probably not what you're looking for. Right now, I'm 
just a small hobby hosting company, run out of my living room. I'm working on 
some major projects that will (hopefully) bring in enough money for me to 
move the hosting systems to a real data center. (Probably or 

If you just want nice solid DNS servers, I'm comfortable offering that to you. 
I can even set you up with a nice web interface for managing and adding all 
your domains. If you want pricing, contact me off list, and we can discuss 
the details of what you're needing.

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