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Matthew Walker matt at
Thu Feb 16 12:55:17 MST 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 12:48, Gregory Hill wrote:
> Quick question, does Godaddy have one interface to manage all of your
> domains?  IE, you log in one place and can have access to all of your
> domains?  Seems like a silly thing, but all of the registrars I've tried
> (register free and Verio) have had separate logins for each domain.  I
> would think that such a thing would be standard practice, but sadly it
> isn't.

Yep. You can even update the info on multiple domains at once. So you can 
change all your technical contacts  in one fell swoop. Or add a new 
nameserver to all your domains.

> Oh, and do they provide name servers for you or do you have to have your
> own?  I got my latest on Verio for that reason, but having to go to a
> separate login for each domain has made me decide to not transfer my
> other domains to them.

I think they have nameservers available, for a fee. But there's plenty of free 
ones out there, or I'm willing to hook you up with hosting if you really 
want. :)

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