Cheap and fast certs.

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at
Thu Feb 16 12:48:18 MST 2006

> I haven't purchased a cert from them, but domain registration has been
> great
> with them. I've been with them for over a year without troubles and
> of
> my friends register their domains with them as well and haven't had
> complaints.
> Jared

Quick question, does Godaddy have one interface to manage all of your
domains?  IE, you log in one place and can have access to all of your
domains?  Seems like a silly thing, but all of the registrars I've tried
(register free and Verio) have had separate logins for each domain.  I
would think that such a thing would be standard practice, but sadly it

Oh, and do they provide name servers for you or do you have to have your
own?  I got my latest on Verio for that reason, but having to go to a
separate login for each domain has made me decide to not transfer my
other domains to them.


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