Dual monitor advice needed

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Thu Feb 16 11:03:39 MST 2006

Nicholas Leippe wrote:

>I was under the impression that the AGP spec allowed more than one device at 
>the same time--can you not use the on-board video _and_ an AGP card in the 
>slot together?  I know this isn't common, but I thought it was at least 
 From what I've seen- AGP is just another bus-- that typically only has 
1 slot on it.  Kind of a shame that multiple AGP slots are not more common.

As far as personal advice-- the last time I hacked together the 
XF86Config [or whatever the file was called back then] was 3-4+ years 
ago.  Back in the SuSE7.0 days.  From SuSE8.0 on, the video recognition 
has been wonderful.  At work we run RH on most machines [for software 
compliance etc...] but use SuSE on some of the servers and in some of 
the other groups-- IS, usually runs a SuSE install to come up w/ a 
couple  xorg.config files for the various combinations of monitors, dual 
head etc...

With this my advice is to download openSuSE and let it wrestle the dual 
head configuration [if you're having trouble].

As far as HW-- I've got 2 older ATI cards at home [ATI Rage128] and 
another DI Special-- They play well [although I've never messed w/ 3D].

Recently-- bought HP laptop-- it Had ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M-- it works-- 
but I'd rather have NVidia-- At work-- the 3D on NVidia works flawlessly 
[can test drive it w/ Americas Army] where I've had trouble getting 3D 
drivers to load up and work on the laptop.  NVidia is a little more open 
than ATI and probably plays a little better w/ open source for that reason.

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