Dual monitor advice needed

Al Byers byersa at automationgroups.com
Tue Feb 14 11:01:50 MST 2006

I need to implement a dual monitor setup. Anyone done that lately? I 
don't want to pay for accelerated graphics, but I would like one dvi 
output. I have searched all over the net and see lots of possibilities, 
but I was hoping for some direct advice from someone who had already 
done it. There are so many Nvidia and ATI models. I assume that one of 
those is the way to go because of driver issues? I want to pay less than 
$170, but $90 would be better. I have an AGP port and PCI slots available.

I need some basic advice - do I need to disable the current onboard 
graphics processor or will that be taken care of in setting up my 
xconfig file?

I am running ubunto (breezy). Anyone upgraded to X11R7 yet? As long as I 
am going to this effort, is it worth upgrading? I could probably wait 
for the next release.

Seen any good deals on monitors? I saw a ViewSonic, 1660x900 resolution, 
at Costco for $400, but I would like a little more vertical resolution 
and someone said they saw one there with 1050, but I did not see it.


Al Byers

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