Ross Werner ross at
Sat Feb 11 16:30:18 MST 2006

On Sat, 11 Feb 2006, Justin Findlay wrote:

> Because do you even know how much of a chore it is to say "If you need
> to contact me, my web site is <breath, brief supplication heavenward
> for correct elocution> double-U double-U double-U dot mydomain dot
> US".  (Outside for Stuart's sake.  (Inside here because the
> parentheses enclose the entire sentence.))  Besides, these days our
> Roman alphabet 'W's don't look like double 'U's, so while we're
> agreeing on the advocation and dissemination of new and good
> communication conventions, I hereby declare that 'W' shall no longer
> be known as double-U.  The new pronunciation is now double-V.  So let
> it be written.

I think now is a good time to interject some Ambrose Bierce:

"W (double U) has, of all the letters in our alphabet, the only cumbrous 
name, the names of the others being monosyllabic. This advantage of the 
Roman alphabet over the Grecian is the more valued after audibly spelling 
out some simple Greek word, like epixoriambikos. Still, it is now thought 
by the learned that other agencies than the difference of the two 
alphabets may have been concerned in the decline of "the glory that was 
Greece" and the rise of "the grandeur that was Rome." There can be no 
doubt, however, that by simplifying the name of W (calling it "wow," for 
example) our civilization could be, if not promoted, at least better 

 	~ Ross

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