Hans Fugal hans at
Sat Feb 11 16:21:57 MST 2006

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>>> We should also consider doing away with the TLDs.  You can't argue 
>>> with the fact that the majority of them are dot-coms anyway.  I would 
>>> like very much for people to find my website by just typing "GUNDY".
>> I couldn't agree more. I am fine with one reserved for the government, 
>> but country-specific tlds on the _world-wide_ web and companies having 
>> to purchase the .net, org, .ca, uk, etc, version of their domain is 
>> stupid.
> Well, I was kidding. :)
> I don't want to see them multiply like crazy ether.  It seems that if a 
> company is big enough to care about business in France they can drop the 
> 8 bucks a year to secure it.
> It's a different topic but SRV records are really a slick deal that fit 
> somewhere in this whole mess:
> I would like to see those in wide usage.  As far as I can tell the only 
> place they are used very much is inside a MS AD domain.  :(

They're starting to take hold. One application that comes to mind where 
they are starting to be used a lot is SIP. Jabber also comes to mind.

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