Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Sat Feb 11 15:18:34 MST 2006

On Sat, 11 Feb 2006, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

>> We should also consider doing away with the TLDs.  You can't argue with the 
>> fact that the majority of them are dot-coms anyway.  I would like very much 
>> for people to find my website by just typing "GUNDY".
> I couldn't agree more. I am fine with one reserved for the government, but 
> country-specific tlds on the _world-wide_ web and companies having to 
> purchase the .net, org, .ca, uk, etc, version of their domain is stupid.

I agree with you, to the extent that they are used these days.  They were 
created for an extra level of classification.  However, that classification is 
not used.  Thus, TLD's are currently superflous.

If TLD's were used like they were supposed to be, then I would disagree that we 
should get rid of them.  It would make classifying web sites and other things 
much easier.  For example, if ".net" was used only for network, and ".com" was 
used only for commercial businesses, and ".porn" was used only for you know 
what, etc. ad naseum.


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