Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Sat Feb 11 14:40:27 MST 2006

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> I didn't suggest that subdomains should be removed, just that there is 
> no need for one for your primary site.

It might be tempting to think this if your main focus is web 
development.  What you are saying might even make sense in a few cases, 
but it is generally a bad idea.

Why should a company organize their whole domain around one 
protocol/service (http/web)?  What if they have a well established 
domain set up in SLC with several offices and domain controllers 
physically located there.  If they want to leave the www (or any other 
name) off of the FQDN then they don't have the flexibility to move the 
web site to a host in Provo or LA if they wanted to.

Why should anyone assume what the host name is that serves a web site? 
We don't make that assumption about other services.  Sure, it might be 
easier for the user to remember without the www, but at this point I 
have observed that most users *expect* the www.  Having a host that 
serves up the public web site named by convention rather then rules 
gives the best of both worlds - predictability and flexibility. 
Besides, most browsers will check for the www when a site can't be 
contacted anyway.

> is great for a web email client
I also like SMTP.example and IMAPS.example.  Thank goodness I have a choice.

> is great for file access
SFTP.example sounds better to me :)

After all is said and done, it's a good that things are just as they 
are.  And so you don't think that I don't understand where you are 
coming from, my web site happens to be  But don't 
worry, will get you there also :)


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