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Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Sat Feb 11 11:56:19 MST 2006

While my informal messages to Plug would seem to indicate that I care
little for spelling or grammar, I actually do have a decent grasp of
both. (I cann even spel on ocassion. Saddly, me grammar's been bad

One thing that has always bugged me is that "e-mail" not "email" is
considered correct. Every time I type "email", it feels like a personal
victory. No longer, however, do I feel like a dangerous rebel. Instead,
I now realize that I am bravely following the lead of Donald Knuth:

Brothers and sister, unite! I exhort you, email this link to all who
would impose the decadent hyphen!

Make haste! As soon as we have won this battle, we can move on to
greater things. Including, if we are stalwart and wise, forever
establishing the right to verbify any noun we please!

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