smtp & postfix

Dennis devel at
Fri Feb 10 16:12:30 MST 2006

All you postfix experts...

I am playing around with email bounces and have noticed something..

I set the "Return-Path" and "Errors-To" header in my outgoing email.

Then I send that email (with my local postfix server) to a bogus email
address using a valid error email for the above headers and a valid from
address.  I then use Ethereal to watch the smtp on my local machine. 
The email is indeed received by my local mail server with an Errors-To
and a Return-Path header. 

My local machine then proceeds to contact the mail server that owns the
from address specified and returns the email to that mail server.  Still
watching the SMTP with Ethereal, I notice that the Return-Path header
has been removed.  The email is delivered to the Sender ( from address )
and not to the address listed in Return-Path and Errors-To.

Am I missing something here?  How hard should it be to get an email to
bounce to a specific address?


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