Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

Corey Edwards tensai at
Fri Feb 10 12:59:56 MST 2006

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 12:49 -0700, Doran L. Barton wrote:
> Corey Edwards wrote:
> > Since the switch things been much better, although not perfect. Part of
> > that problem is I think we have more data than we really have tape to
> > archive it. But even when all else is working it sometimes freezes
> > during a backup. I have to restart the director and the currently
> > running job is abandoned. Surprisingly, for my purposes that hasn't
> > turned into such a bad thing so I'm satisfied with it.
> Define "sometimes" - How often do these freezes occur?

Once a month-ish. My theory is that the vast number of files I'm backing
up is confusing Bacula and/or MySQL. I'm backing up a mail server which
uses Maildir, so naturally there are a *lot* of files. Bacula will
freeze up just after the backup has started, so I think it's scanning
through the database prepping for the job. I don't think it's ever
occurred while my smaller systems are being backed up.

I could (should) probably switch to Postgres for my catalog and see if
that helps, but I don't really have the time for such a project
especially considering that the offending mail servers are going away in
the next few months.


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