Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Fri Feb 10 11:45:40 MST 2006

On 2/9/06, justin gedge <jgedge at> wrote:
> Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> from the gnu tar manpage--
>        -L, --tape-length N
>               change tapes after writing N*1024 bytes
> You can split the archive across multiple tapes [good to know], but I'd
> like something that takes the N*1024, and splits up the archive at the
> nearest file boundary.  I'm thinking of the case where you split over
> several DVD's-- although it would work well for CD's, tapes etc...
> Justin Gedge

Try 7zip.  It has great compression and it works on Linux and Windows
and it's LGPL, so the code that can read that format will always be
here...  Even elevendy million years from now.

You can use the -v (volume) argument to split things according to a
given max size.  I believe that the volume boundary breaks off on a
file boundary.


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