Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

justin gedge jgedge at
Thu Feb 9 14:42:31 MST 2006

enjoyed the responses so far...

another question that comes to mind-- and this is valid whether you use 
TAPE or DVD [although it's more valid w/ DVD].

Is there any good software for splitting a project up onto more than a 
single piece of media?  We typically have lots of small files.  Sure 
occasionally, we'll get a few files that are a couple hundred MB, the 
huge GB+ files are usually simulation data that could be recreated.

so main question here-- take a directory tree- with a handful of main 
directories, lots of subdirectories and files--

Is there a good way [IE a program available] to take this and divide it 
up cleanly so it could span 2 DDS3 tapes, or 10 DVD's if needed.  I'm 
kind of thinking about how linux distros- you'll have 1-2 DVD's or 6-7 
CD's and they're structured so you could look at individual disks-- or 
combine them all back together if you have the drive space available.  
This is something that has plagued me since I started here.  You 
typically trim as much fat out of a project before you archive-- but as 
time goes on they're getting bigger and bigger.  2GB just isn't what it 
use to be.  I can obviously move to larger capacity tapes-- but I've 
wondered if there wasn't a nice program to help divide file trees up so 
they could span multiple media-- but still be readable as independent media.

Justin Gedge

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