Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

Michael Halcrow mike at
Thu Feb 9 13:39:46 MST 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 12:56:06PM -0700, Josh Coates wrote:
> > If you want longevity and capacity, go with tape. Period.
> wrong answer. :-/

I would suspect that one of those RAID NAS units would be a good
backup solution for many environments. Sealed hard disks accessed via
NFS/SMB/FTP over an Ethernet connection will probably be accessible
for as long as you'll need the data, and they will certainly last
longer than either tape or optical when being written to
repeatedly. Here's something I found on NewEgg (note that I do not
necessarily endorse this product, but it is pretty cheap for a
stand-alone solution, at about 70 cents a gigabyte):

This one claims to do RAID-5, if you are a bit more paranoid about
hardware failure (which you should be ;-):

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 - Carl Sagan
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