Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

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Thu Feb 9 13:14:34 MST 2006

justin gedge wrote:

> Specifically-- the goal is to archive data from a project.  This is 
> NOT for a nightly backup [nightly back ups are covered already].  This 
> is for pulling project data off the system [when the project is done] 
> and storing it on a medium that will be archived both locally an in a 
> document control center for easy retrieval at a future date [if 
> needed].  Longevity is a concern, as well as capacity.

We use NetVault with two AIT-3 tape changers/autoloaders for archiving 
specifically, and I have absolutely no complaints. 

I'm in a similar situation, too.  We have to archive geospatial data and 
high resolution imagery from numerous projects here.  I've attempted to 
go the optical disk route several times in the past year, with different 
strategies, and each attempt has been relatively unsuccessful, in 
comparison to our current rock solid tape archiving practice.   From my 
experiences here, I'm heavily biased toward tapes.  The longevity and 
reliability of tapes is just incredibly better. 

Joshua 'dataw0lf' Simpson
Lead Network Engineer, Aero-Graphics Inc.
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