Archiving Projects-- TAPE vs. DVD

justin gedge jgedge at
Thu Feb 9 12:44:38 MST 2006

calling all sys-ops to a thread--

We're starting discussions at work on archiving projects on DVD instead 
of TAPE.  We are currently using DDS [various version depending upon 
capacity needs]

I've got a few initial concerns with moving to DVD -- and can see a few 
benefits as well, but would appreciate any candid comments others have 
through experience-- articles you've seen posted recently about the 
different mediums etc...

Specifically-- the goal is to archive data from a project.  This is NOT 
for a nightly backup [nightly back ups are covered already].  This is 
for pulling project data off the system [when the project is done] and 
storing it on a medium that will be archived both locally an in a 
document control center for easy retrieval at a future date [if 
needed].  Longevity is a concern, as well as capacity.

Justin Gedge

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