Is anyone a perl monger anymore?

James Lance james at
Thu Feb 9 12:00:39 MST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 5:32 pm, Justin Findlay wrote:
> Are there no perl meetings anymore before the plug meeting?

We are definately still having NUPM (Northern Utah Perl Mongers) meetings.  
Meeting topics have been neglected in the last few months.  That is partially 
my fault.  I've been busy, and there has been a seeming lack of interest both 
by people who are willing to present, and by those expressing interest in 
specific subjects.

The lack of interest has been very frustrating to me and as a result I haven't 
made much effort to keep the meetings going.  That being said, sco++ will be 
presenting on using GTK2 in perl apps next month.

There is a mail list for NUPM it can be found at
If you are interested in NUPM and haven't joined the mail list please do.  

-James Lance

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