Is anyone a perl monger anymore?

justin gedge jgedge at
Thu Feb 9 09:52:43 MST 2006

Jason Hall wrote:

> There are, anytime somebody requests a topic.
I'd like a presentation on rev/source control software-- start w/ 
basics- how it works, how to check stuff in/out etc...

t's one of those things I believe would be useful- but I nice kick start 
meeting going over the basics, setting up.  Maybe a discussion on 
different programs strengths and weaknesses. 

Not sure if this should be done under PLUG or perl mongers-- but I'd be 
interested in the discussion.

would also like to see a presentation on the legal issues of writing and 
releaseing code-- various licensing schemes etc...  Be nice to learn the 
personal consequences of releaseing your own code under different licenses.

Justin Gedge

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