Anybody want a Motorola Surfboard?

Jason Holt jason at
Wed Feb 8 19:14:05 MST 2006

So, I signed up for Comcast for my new place (go to -- it's 
$5/month cheaper than Comcast's own website, plus some other benefits too -- 
I'm getting Internet+basic cable for $30/month, all said and done.  I promise 
am not a shill).  Anyway, one of the offers I get with my service is a cable 
modem (Surfboard sb5120) for about $10 S&H -- the $80 price tag is rebated 
through 2 mailins.

I've already got a surfboard, though, so if anybody wants a surfboard cheap 
and will take care of all the mailin stuff, contact me off-list.


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