Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Tue Feb 7 16:19:55 MST 2006

David B wrote:
> I dont know if room L-1 will have Internet access, but if you want call 
> 801-409-0261 at 7pm and if we have Internet, you will be dropped into a 
> conference call to hear the meeting.  We wont mute anybody (unless we 
> have to).
Cool.  It would be nice if this was an option for all meetings.  SLC is 
kinda far for some of us.  If it's hard to get an 801 number you could 
do something sip like meetings at utaug.org.

> Another option is to download the video off utaug.org tomorrow.
Great.  I'll look for it.

> Here is the link to video of last months meeting where Jared Smith 
> explains how he thought up IAX2 trunking (IAX2 trunking changed everything)
Thanks for making this available.

> http://utaug.org/files/011106utaugmtg.wmv
What does .wmv stand for?     ;)


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